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More about VisTrak systems

The VisTrack system uses a single high speed camera to capture club face angle, club speed,

ball path and ball speed with video swing playback.

The video play back features 32 frames of the club swing before, at and after contact with the ball.

The video will show club path, speed and face angle plus ball path, ball spin rate and speed.

Note that the VisTrak system - in contrast to other camera based launch monitors -

can be used for both left and right handed players !

VisTrak Installation and Setup Videos


Click the above images to watch the VisTrak installation and setup videos

Click above to watch a selection of setup and intro videos

Video Swing playback

The above image shows a typical VisTrak video screen shot.

When the video playback is run, you can see the club path, face angle, ball on club contact and ball direction precisely in every frame.

VisTrak's swing playback videos show your club path, speed and face angle plus ball speed and direction

in slow motion for every shot.

See video playback of your swing after every shot showing club face, path and speed, ball speed and direction.

If you're working on your game, then the VisTrak will be an invaluable aid.

Are you a golf pro instructor ?

If so you'll love the VisTrak's video swing playback feature showing every step of the swing before and after impact

in super slow motion or in frame step mode.


Over 500 videos can be stored and retrieved

VisTrak video playback controls

The new VisTrak video playback window features the following video controls:

Go to end, go to start, run at full speed, 1/2 , 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 speeds

Stop, Start, fast forward and backward, loop, save and load.

The new VisTrak USB3 camera captures images at over 600 frames per second using the standard frame grabbing timing

At 600 plus fps, images of the club are captured every 8cm (3 inches) at a club swing speed of 100 mph

and images of the ball are captured every 16 cm (6 inches) at a speed of 200 mph.

And VisTrak's image processing software measures all club and ball data in real time!

VisTrak functions for both left and right handed players

VisTrak Putting

Video playback shows exactly how the club struck the ball and the ball path.

VisTrak voice audio

VisTrak voice audio system and club messages now available

VisTrak club:

path into-out or out- to-in and face angle in degrees

VisTrak messages :

"Looking for ball", "Ball detected - waiting for swing" etc.

These voice feedbacks are optional and can be individually switched on or off in the VisTrak window

VisTrak runs and interfaces with E6, E6 Connect, TGC, Perfect Parallel, Red Chain and ProX game software

Each VisTrak system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

* Note that the free E6 Connect 18 hole course and driving range is a max 1 year trial only

add The Golf Club full version software with

150,000 courses for just

$ 999

VisTrak systems run with all the above software options

All VisTrak systems come with 2 standard single 18 hole golf course game software packages

and the VisTrak Driving Range at no extra charge.

Note that every hole in the standard software can be used as a driving range too!

VisTrak Q & A


Please note that any of my claims, any statements and comparisons to other manufacturer's products on this web site are based solely on my own observations and knowledge of their systems

and that I do not in anyway claim that they are indeed accurate.


VisTrak Free Game software

Each VisTrak system comes with an E6 Connect

18 hole golf course and driving range software package

In addition

VisTrak Driving Range

Multiple ball tracjectory traces with 3D grid

VisTrak Driving Range - with built-in swing video playback

Video swing playback is built into the VisTrak driving range.

This saves you from having to switch applications (i.e. from game software to the VisTrak control panel and back)

after every shot wanting to view the swing video.

Nearest to Pin and Longest Drive contests.

In addition to all that

GSA Golf single 18 Hole golf course software package is included

VisTrak Eagle

$ 1,699

Note that GSA Golf enclosures are suitable for all other golf simulator systems

and launch monitors on the market today

from Mevo+, SkyTrak, GC3, GC Quad, GC Hawk and Trackman systems



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Hi! I'm Martin Paul Gardiner

Electronics and software development engineer and founder of GSA Golf

Regularly check out my tech news page for all our latest developments and free updates

if you have any questions

please feel free to contact me personally anytime from M to F 10am to 3pm US ET

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