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Machine Vision Cameras

Hi, I'm Martin Gardiner, freelance industrial vision application engineer.

I specialize in both hardware and software system development including:

Camera Object Tracking

Camera Image processing

Camera Image Inspection Control

Circuit and circuit board design

Custom camera systems and vision applications

Ready made camera systems for Industrial, Scientific, Sport and Educational applications

Machine Vision Cameras

GSA SSi USB 3 super speed cameras

(SSi = Super Speed Innovation)

1500 fps

SDK and GSA sample code included

GSA Super Speed SSI camera suitable for use in all machine vision and scientific applications

Machine vision SSi camera

Price includes tripod mount adapter, mount, lens, USB3 and trigger cables


1500 fps at 640 x 240 resolution

800 fps at 640 x 480 resolution

IR Monochrome

Price $699

Color version

Price $699

Machine vision SSi camera

245 fps at 1280 x 1024 resolution


Suitable LED IR Lighting

$ 79 each

324 LEDS

2 to 4 required ceiling mounted cameras

$ 70 each

2 to 4 required ceiling mounted cameras

LED 800 Panel

Includes all IR LED panels (800 LEDS), power supplies, projector mount and cables

$ 800

IR Xenon dual flash unit


Allows camera hi-speed image capturing at a distance of 9ft with exposure times down to 30 micro seconds

Hi-speed IR camera image acquisition and processing

IR lighting systems

Ready made Hi-Speed camera systems and applications

Prices from $1,499

Stereoscopic vision cameras

Circuit and circuit board design

Object tracking

Object Video Capture

GUI Graphic User Interfaces

Design and coding

Software development using Visual Studio

C, C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, SQL database applications


Hourly rate from $35.00

GSA Golf Control Panel (CP) Source code

The CP software source code allows you to build your own camera tracking system

including: VisTrak SCX, Eagle, LX, EV and KX 1 or 2

Coding is in C++ and openGL using the Visual Studio 2013 development platform

$ 499.00

(Available October/November 2023)


Contact me - Martin - for details

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