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GSA Golf Budget Simulator Enclosures

The No. 1 best selling budget enclosure for all tracking systems


The budget enclosure comes complete with screens in various sizes and material quality.

Enclosure is 5ft to 10ft deep with black vinyl sides

All bungees, flaps (to cover the tubing) and tube fittings included.

Note: Enclosure frame tubes/pipes themselves not included !

as these are costly to ship and are low cost items (around $8 per 10 ft length)

available at local hardware stores (Lowes, HomeDepot etc).

Also: Flooring not included

Free shipping within USA!

Warning! International customers!

Please note: This product is only available for this price for US resident customers only.

Contact us if you are outside the US for a shipping quote for this product.

If you're an international customer and ignore this warning and still click the "Buy Now" button to process the transaction

then the product will not be shipped and a 10% refund charge will be applied.

5ft deep

Budget Enclosure 10'x8' 4:3 ratio with

Standard screen : $ 899


Preferred screen $ 969


Premium screen $ 1,194


5ft deep

Budget Enclosure 12'x9' 4:3 ratio with

Standard screen : $ 999


Preferred screen $ 1,129


Premium screen $ 1,364


Budget Enclosure 13'x10' 4:3 ratio with

5ft deep

Standard screen : $ 1,099


Preferred screen $ 1,244


Premium screen $ 1,634


Wide Screen

Budget Enclosure 13'x7.7' 16:9 ratio with

5ft deep

Standard screen : $ 1,069


Preferred screen $ 1,199


Premium screen $ 1,599


Wide Screen

Budget Enclosure 14'x8" 16:9 ratio with

5ft deep

Standard screen : $ 1,069


Preferred screen $ 1,244


Premium screen $ 1,649


10 ft deep enclosure add-on

Add-on for 10ft deep enclosure $ 100


If you require your enclosure to be 10ft deep instead of the standard 5ft depth

then click the $100 add-on price




Download the PDF assembly instructions here



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Flooring and hitting mat surfaces


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