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from $ 49 to $ 1,499

System can be used with 60/120 fps webcams


240 fps machine vision cameras

Ball and club tracking system for golf simulators

The CX Stream detects ball Vertical and Horizontal launch angles as well as ball speed.

System functions for both LH and RH players

System additionally captures the player's swing from front and overhead camera positions.

Swing capture can be played back in the 200 frame videos generated with every shot.

CX Stream stereo full system

including dual HI Speed sterep webcams, dual lighting and cables

Dual Color cameras

or dual IR cameras

including lighting

plus USB /Cat 25ft cables

$ 599

CX Stream hi-speed

Dual hi-speed machine vision cameras (color or mono) with LED Lighting

$ 1,499

CX2 Stream software only - purchase your own webcams and cables

$ 199.00

Now - for a limited time - just

$ 49.00

CX2 Webcam Camera Panel

When selecting the "CX2 WebCam" option and clicking the Cameras button,

a completely new and CX2 WebCam dedicated window will open.

The overhead webcam (Hcam) captures club and ball traces including

club swing arc, club speed and face angle

plus ball speed and path

The side mounted webcam (Vcam) captures ball vertical launch angle and ball speed

Panels also show video playback of your swing from overhead and front view angles

Panel 1 is from the overhead camera

That detects ball path and club data

Panel 2 is from the front view camera

that detects vertical launch angle of the ball and ball speed

Setup Modes allow the user to change the camera configuration layout

1. Stereo Ceiling

Both cameras are ceiling mounted. Dual camera stereo vision.

2. Stereo Floor

Both cameras are floor mounted. Dual camera stereo vision.

3. V H mode

Dual cameras. 1 camera ceiling mounted (Hcam) and 1 camera floor mounted (Vcam)

4. V Floor mode

Single camera. Floor mounted. Vcam

5. H Ceiling mode

Single camera. Ceiling mounted. Hcam

System also includes Video Swing Capture software

Click above image to

The system also captures ball Launch angle and ball speed outdoors

Golf Game Softwarefor the CX2 Webcam

Choose from 5 different software systems

E6 Connect, TGC, RedChain, GS Pro and ProX

Includes free GSA Golf software downloads

Play a complete round of simulated golf with the CX2 Webcam system including all shots from drives to putts

Software downloads

Click above images to purchase and download the complete GSA Golf software suite for just $149

Operating instructions

The system can be used with 1 or 2 cameras.

The cameras can be either 60fps or greater Webcams or USB3 Flir cameras

The usual camera setup is the V and H cam setup.

The Vcam is floor mounted to capture Vertical launch angle of the ball

and the Hcam is ceiling mounted to Horizontal angle (or path) of the ball.

CX Stream Vcam

CX Stream Hcam

Launch and Scan zones

The Launch Zone is where the ball is placed on the floor prior ball strike

and the Scan Zone is the area where the camera will detect the ball in flight.

Both of these Zones can be position and size adjusted.

To move: select the Zone button (Launch or Scan) and use the keyboard arrow keys to position.

To size: hold the keyboard Ctrl key down while using the arrow keys.

Operation procedure

Click the red Start/Stop cameras button.

Both cameras will then start streaming video and will look for a ball in the Launch Zone

System is then in "Looking for Ball" mode

After a ball has been detected, the system will go into

"Ready for Swing" mode.

As soon as the cameras detect that the ball is no longer in the launch zone (i.e. the ball has been hit)

the system stops the cameras and calculates ball speed, LA, HA, spin and club data from the Scan Zone areas.

If all looks good, the system will send this data to the golf game software being used

(i.e. E6, TGC, GSA golf etc) so that the ball launches.

The system will then automatically go back into Looking for Ball mode ready for the next shot

How it works

Using the new IBS and EC methods, very faint ball and club motion blur ( traces) can be extracted


Resellers and OEMs

The software product is available to all Golf Product resellers and OEMs at 50% discount (i.e. $99).

Product can be branded as your own so that you can market the product under your own name

and are free to price the product as you wish.