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Camera Alignment Instructions

Note that all below instructions assume that you are using CP version or higher

What is camera alignment?

Camera alignment simply means that both cameras are tracking the ball inline

i.e. in a perfectly straight shot, both cameras should detect all ball images directly inline and straight forward

without any deviation left or right.

Why stereo camera alignment is important

If the camera alignment is off, then both ball vertical and horizontal angles won't be accurate plus measured ball speed will be off.

What is causing mis-alignment?

Essentially just camera tilt due to the way the camera is mounted

A hardware method of correcting alignment is to use shims (or washers) under the camera mount base.

It's imperative that the 2 stereo cameras are aligned correctly in order for the system

to accurately measure ball speed, vertical and horizontal launch angles.

If the cameras are not properly aligned, then the system won't produce accurate shot data results.

To check your camera alignment, proceed as shown below

Camera alignment instructions

Note : this procedure has to be done for both cameras

Start with camera 1 and then repeat for camera 2

Rotate camera until both balls are in-line with each other close to the center line

Note that alignment is only for the overhead mounted cameras.

i.e. camera 1 in Eagle and EVi systems, and cameras 1 and 2 in the SCX system




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